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Beginners Guide to Card Blanks For Card Making

A lot of people start card making for an easy hobby, not only does it let you show off your creative flare but many people find it very relaxing and rewarding too.

The Basics

The most important item for card making is the actual card itself. This will normally consist of a single sheet which has a crease in the center which when it is folded gives you the blank greeting base.

There are many types of card blanks available for sale but don't feel overwhelmed by the choice as when just starting out the most popular size for budding crafty beginners is A6. This measures when folded in half 148mm x 105mm (almost 6" x 4") so they are not two large and daunting to work with when you are first starting.

Colour Choice

The most popular colour is of course white but you can get so many different coloured card blanks. Perhaps you are thinking of making a welcome new baby card and want to use the colour's pink or blue. Ivory is also a popular colour and perfect for wedding and christening cards.

I have been making cards for a few years now and my favourite card blank size is square 140mm x 140mm. I mainly use white card when I am crafting.

Card Quality

One thing to look for when you are buying card blanks is the quality also known as the gsm, this is the card weight. The most popular weight is 210gsm as this is a versatile card and able to go through most household printers, so perfect if you want to print greeting cards for your wedding, Christmas or create some invites.

300gsm is a heavy weight card, you may want to use this if you are using decoupage or a lot of embellishments on your card. This will allow the card to stand up well without it falling over when on display.


There are many different sized card blanks available with the most popular being A6 as previously mentioned, A5 which is double the size. DL cards are tall and slim and these make lovely wedding invitations then the various sized square cards.

Don't Forget

When buying your pre-creased blanks don't forget you will need envelopes and if you are planning on selling them to friends, family, co-workers or at craft fairs then you will need clear cello bags which are designed to show off the card inside the bag keeping it in perfect condition.

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