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Why Make Cards (Instead of Buying Them)?

Nowadays, everything comes instant. The advent of modern technology has brought us in an era when we would get whatever we want in a snap. Gone are the days when you have to cook spaghetti, the traditional way. Now, we already have instant spaghetti mixes and sauces to solve all of our party problems. Easy to prepare foods are also everywhere. Like the cordon bleu for instance, gone are the days when you have to do it step by step, now our supermarkets offer ready to fry cordon bleu.

Everything is now fast paced. We have to live with the changing times so sometimes we can't stick to the usual procedure anymore. We can't go for the traditional method of doing things because it will occupy most of our time and it is not that logical too. Come to think of it, why would you bother doing things the hard way when there is already an easier and more convenient way of doing it?

But truth be told, sometimes things would come out better if we make it the conventional and traditional way. More often, a homemade spaghetti tastes better than the typical ones that we normally buy in the fast food restaurants. Aside from spaghetti, greeting cards are also better appreciated if one would opt to make their own card rather than buy one from the store.

You may say, no one makes a greeting card anymore! Well, maybe, that's the sad reality of it. But have you ever given a thought that the fact that no one already bothers to make a card led to the diminishing value of good old greeting cards. Just because the recipient knows for a fact how easy it is to buy a greeting card in your neighborhood bookstore, makes her think that you did not actually exerted an effort on that card. The recipient's assumption is true, actually.

Cards available in the bookstores are very much ready-made. You just have to put the name of the recipient and affix your signature at the bottom part of the card. Also, we now have a wide variety of cards in the market. There is now a card for almost everything that we feel. There is that one card that could say exactly the things that we wanted to say but we can't articulate. Also, there are already more than a thousand cards with fancy covers ranging from the nature themed to the cartoon inspired covers. Greeting cards got everything covered and this sadly diminishes the value exerted in the greeting card.

All of these reasons and more, makes a handmade and personalized greeting card a better choice in the event that you have to attend a party and give a celebrator a card.

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