Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Make Money From Home - Are You Getting Discouraged? Here's the Antidote

Discouragement is something we all fight with. We start out with high hopes of making money from home and if after a few weeks or months, we haven't made anything significant or nothing at all, then discouragement starts to set in and we consider giving up, How about you? Are you in this boat? Let's get out of that boat and into the boat that is sailing towards success. Here are a couple of reasons why you feel discouraged and what you can do about it.

Lack of Structure

Some people work well with lack of structure but if you are the sort of person who needs a definite plan to follow, then you have to create your own structure. First of all you have to list the different components of your work from home business. Some of these could be: doing the research such as reading other people's tips, writing your first articles, starting a blog, choosing an affiliate. You name them. All are a part of the mosaic. Realize that doing this research is like laying the foundation of a house. You don't see very much to start. Plan to give a set period of time to each section every day, and keep a note book of what you have learned. Discouragement is a rather vague feeling, but as you work away at some of the components, you will realize that you are making progress.

Lack of Money can Discourage You - work on all the free methods

If you are like me, you would like to buy some of these amazing tools people are selling, but can't put more on your credit card. Perhaps that's a good thing. Many of the same people give some of their ideas for free, so take what's free and follow every tip you can. I am amazed at the information that is given. You are actually taking a course and this is free instruction that you can compile for action today and in the future. Sign up for the free stuff and if you don't have money to pay for the rest, just keep that contact in your book, and maybe later on you can choose what you feel will be the most valuable. Reading about other's ideas and successes can inspire you. Be realistic about your situation and don't let it discourage you.

Take some action.

A famous TV personality suggested this: Write out 25 times a day some sentence that you make up that will encourage you.. If you are old enough you will remember when the teacher punished you by giving you lines to write out. Maybe it was effective, maybe not. But this is not punishment. This is reinforcement of your intentions to be successful. Make it as strong as you can, telling yourself that you can do what it takes. Then repeat it over out loud or say it in front of a mirror, or as you drive in the car when no one can hear you. Maybe you think this is a bit silly or a waste of time, but do it anyway. Right after doing this, then start with one action that will take you a step further to accomplish your goal of making money from home..

Keep believing in yourself and that you started down this road with good intentions and for good reasons. Believe that you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Don't give in to that discouragement, but encourage yourself, take action and soldier on.

Visit my site [http://www.bestwaytomakemoneyfromhome.com]. Lillian Cornelius is a writer and online researcher.

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